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Mexican Real Estate;

Thanks to NAFTA Americans can now own Mexico Property. This is a great opportunity for all Americans to experience the wonderful culture and climate of Mexico firsthand. Mexico real estateWhat better way to learn of culture than to live immersed in it. From the Gulf of Mexico, to the Baja Peninsula, to the northern reaches of Central America, Mexico has much to offer all who come.    

Mexico Geography

Mexico has a widely diverse geography. With craggy mountains, desert flats, and tropical areas you can find a place with a perfect climate for your needs in Mexico any time of the year. Year around get-aways are easy to find.  Mexico is divided into 4 primary geographical areas, the Baja Peninsula, the Pacific Coast, the Central Highlands, and the Caribbean Coast. They all have their champions. 

Mexico's economy is based on tourism, industrial production, oil and gas production, textiles and clothing, and agriculture. Living expenses are extremely low in Mexico, which makes it one of the best places to retire.Mexico property

 It is almost impossible to think of an activity that you are not able to do in Mexico. Mexico offers everything from bullfights to operas, flea markets to fiestas. The coastal areas offer amazing fishing, snorkeling, diving and many other beach activities. The high lands offer hiking and the ancient ruins to explore.  Thanks to NAFTA, it is now possible for Americans to own property in Mexico. So you can enjoy the comfortable climate, Mexican food, and wonderful culture all by owning your own little piece of  Mexican Real Estate 



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Paradise in Baja, Mexico

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> USA Title Insurance
> Total Land Ownership
> Affordable Seller Financing
> Spectacular Views
> Gated Community
> Fantastic Recreation
     and much, much, more....


"Playa de Oro is one of the cleanest and

best properties for sale in Mexico"  

                                -- First American Title Insurance Corporation     
                     One of the largest title insurance companies in the USA  

Playa De Oro  is one of the cleanest and best properties for Sale in Mexico - First American Insurance Co.


 White sand beaches - Miles of them: - await you just a couple hours drive south of the border in Baja California on the Sea of Cortez. Resort pools, hilltop restaurant dining, romantic beach walks, deep sea fishing, and world class shrimp dinners are all yours when you own property at Playa de Oro.


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