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Ahhh, the Baja, This peninsula is located on the west-most part of Mexico, right below California U.S.A.  It is separated from the Mexican main land by the Sea of Cortez also known as the Gulf of California. The Sea of Cortez was proclaimed to be the "Aquarium of the World" by Jacques Cousteau.  It possesses a long varied coastline on both sides. The Baja peninsula's climate ranges from  desert to tropical.  

Real Estate in Baja is Growing

Baja property has just started to grow at a tremendous pace for some very good reasons. Baja real estate has tremendous natural beauty where the Sea meets the Sand and the Mountains. From the Sea of Cortez across to the Pacific, from the sandy beaches of the north to the more tropical palm lined golf courses of the south, the Baja is one most diverse natural beauties of Mexico.  Baja's climate makes it perfect for winter escapes. Imagine migrating away from a blustery cold day where your neighbors are shoveling 2 feet of snow,  to the recesses of your own personal get-away bungalow with an ocean view and 70-80 degree weather outside. Sand, Sea, and Palm Trees have proven to be the best investment. Baja real estate, baja property

Baja Living Expenses

Baja's living expenses are much less than living in the U.S.A. For mere pennies on the dollar you could own your own ocean front lot and live there for much less than living anywhere else in the United States. Thanks to NAFTA, it is now possible for Americans to own land in Mexico. So you can enjoy the comfortable climate, Mexican food, and wonderful culture all by owning your own little piece of  Real Estate in Baja.  



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Paradise in Baja, Mexico

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> USA Title Insurance
> Total Land Ownership
> Affordable Seller Financing
> Spectacular Views
> Gated Community
> Fantastic Recreation
     and much, much, more....


"Playa de Oro is one of the cleanest and

best properties for sale in Mexico"  

                                -- First American Title Insurance Corporation     
                     One of the largest title insurance companies in the USA  

Playa De Oro  is one of the cleanest and best properties for Sale in Mexico - First American Insurance Co.


 White sand beaches - Miles of them: - await you just a couple hours drive south of the border in Baja California on the Sea of Cortez. Resort pools, hilltop restaurant dining, romantic beach walks, deep sea fishing, and world class shrimp dinners are all yours when you own property at Playa de Oro.


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Playa de Oro offers ownership of prime Ocean Beach Baja real estate in San Felipe, Mexico. Baja property with US title insurance from First American Title.