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Playa De Oro: Doing Things Right!


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       The CC&R's are in place to provide protection for the buyer and the development, Playa De Oro. Their purpose is to give guidelines to enhance the quality of living and preserve property values for everyone.

       Structures must be no more than 14' high from the finished grade of property. This protects the views for every lot in the development.  Roof patios are encouraged, as the view is 360 degrees.  They must be maintained and cannot be used for storage.  Again, to preserve the integrity of the development and the view of everyone in it.  

Homes in the first four phases of the development (to Calle Playa Estero) must be a minimum of 1,200 sq.ft. and homes from Calle Playa Estero to the beach must be a minimum of 1,500 sq.ft. 

       All homes are subject to the architectural control committee, and its approval of the contractor, within the guidelines of CC&R'S. No park models, trailers, or manufactured homes are allowed.  Only homes that are built on-site by approved contractors or the custom off-site built homes that are specifically designed, engineered  (offered through PARKSTRONG) are allowed.  All building must be completed within one-year from start of construction. Lots are designated for single-family structures though approved guesthouses are allowed.  There is a 5' set back requirement however, perimeter walls, meeting the guidelines (4' or less) may be built on the lot lines.

       Property must be well maintained at all times. No non-operational vehicles, appliances, or parts may be stored on property unless garaged (keeps from junk-yard type environment).

       No retail business may be operated within the residential property (this prohibits excessive traffic within the development).

       Domestic pets with a limit of two-per lot are allowed. Variances can be applied for with the Home Owners Association.  Pets must be contained within the lot at all times when not accompanied on leash and must not be a nuisance or danger to the community. Animals may be exercised in green area. All droppings are the responsibility of the pet-owner to clean up immediately.  No wild animals or dangerous reptiles may be kept as pets. Old Man Cactus at Playa de Oro

       Only certain plants are allowed per "PROFEPA" (Mexican equivalent of E.P.A.). A list can be obtained from Playa De Oro.  Plants not allowed will be immediately removed, as there can be a $1,000 fine for both land owner and developer. Because the endangered Garambullo Cactus is natural to Playa de Oro PROFEPA regulations regarding plants and trees are strictly enforced.  Plus Playa de Oro is committed to being an environmentally friendly development.

       Excessive noise prohibited after 10 p.m. and before 8 a.m.

       Home owners fees are $600 annually and run from February to February.   This fee includes, but is not limited to: 24-hour security, maintenance of swimming pools, hot tub, roads, common areas, and property management.  The HOA is controlled by the land owners.

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