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Playa De Oro: Doing Things Right!

Every picture in this gallery was taken on the property of Playa de Oro.  Since Playa de Oro is in the process of development, you will notice the pools are under construction.  Some things don't change, however, and those are the beautiful pristine white sand beaches.  Starting at dawn and ending with sunset, come and walk down the property with us and enter the world of beauty and tranquility   -    the beachfront at Playa de Oro!

PLAYA DE ORO sunrise at low tide.

Turn around and watch the sun cast its spell over the mountains as dawn disappears into day.

Starting at PLAYA DE ORO Boulevard,


It's a stop for breakfast at Sundance Market and Deli - and to check the mail.


The Market & Deli offer a wide variety of American food choices.


After fresh baked pastries, it's a stroll up the hill to watch the workers build the pools and restaurant/cantina.



Looking at job-in-progress,



And, absorb just one of the views standing by the pool.


Strolling through the campo, the many unique architectural designs take harmonizing form.


Arriving close to the beach front,


enjoying the view from the terrace,


Continue for a rest stop under the Palapa where the view goes on, and on,

and on!

Continuing through the private beach access,

Looking east,


looking north,

Looking south,

enjoy the pristine white sand beaches, swim, or find a wide variety of shells.


Going back through the private access,

enjoy the view west, the desert, the cactus, and mountains.

And, dusk descends.

The spectacular sun sets over the mountains,

And, evening settles over the Baja at PLAYA DE ORO!





2002 Parkstrong