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       Why San Felipe Real Estate is Growing San Felipe real estate Baja Mexico Ocean Beach Front for sale

San Felipe real estate market is growing at a fantastic rate because the area's many attractions.   San Felipe is a picturesque town facing the beautiful Sea of Cortez and is well-known for its excellent fishing. The Sea of Cortez was proclaimed to be the "Aquarium of the World" by Jacques Cousteau. The famous fish and shrimp tacos were in invented here, and now is served in many chain restaurants in the USA. The town gained much of its popularity with the invention of the three day weekend. This charming beach-side community is close enough to the U.S. border to make it a long weekend destination, and far enough from the big cities for tourists to feel away from it all. San Felipe is an easy two and a half hour drive south of the border from Mexicali (about 120 miles) on a good paved road, and worlds away from any typical gringo environment. Veterans are finding San Felipe an excellent place to unwind. The VA Hospital in San Diego is a very pleasant drive and provides an excellent opportunity to visit friends and grandchildren in southern California.


Road to San Felipe

The road from Mexicali is four lanes for the first 25 miles through the Mexicali suburbs and farmlands, and then it narrows down to two lanes when it reaches the wide open spaces. Shortly after the road  San Felipe real estate Baja Mexico Ocean Beach Front for saleturns to two lanes, the unique Baja scenery begins and the stark open Baja frontier is nothing short of spectacular!

San Felipe Sea Front

       Both visitors and locals like to cruise the Malecón, the beach-front street near the center of town, and vehicles of all kinds can be seen parading by. The waterfront areas around San Felipe are very active. The city has recently initiated a plan to beautify the waterfront area, and dozens of new palm trees have been planted in 1998 on either side of the main drive. There are dozens of campgrounds located on sandy beaches north and south of town, and San Felipe offers a number of nice hotels. Basic services such as gasoline, ice, beer and food are plentiful in the  various markets located throughout town. One of San Felipe's claim to fame is the extreme tidal changes. When the tide goes out, it goes way out! This is excellent for beachcombers but makes launching a boat more of a planned event than a random act. 

San Felipe Weather

       The weather in San Felipe is very pleasant most of the year, but can be hot and humid in the summer. Fortunately, the Sea of Cortez is never too far away for a refreshing dip. Strolling along the seafront walkway under the San Felipe real estate Baja Mexico Ocean Beach Front for sale stars is a great way to enjoy the evenings all year long. The Port of San Felipe traditionally depended on fishing and shrimping for its economic base. In a little more than two decades the economic base has changed from fishing to tourism. 

San Felipe Attractions

       You'll find camping north and south of town, as well as in town, several hotels and resorts, many restaurants, and water sports. The natural attractions of this area, it's beautiful beaches of temperate water during the spring, summer  and fall, plus it's pleasant winter weather, is the major draw for both Snowbirds (retirees who live part-time in Mexico during the fall and winter months) and weekend vacationers from southern California and Arizona. The high tourism season seems to be October though May when many Snowbirds arrive, sometimes for several months at a time. 

       Early fall and late spring offer the best weather. About 2 hours southeast of Ensenada, the weather in San Felipe is usually about 10 degrees warmer than her Pacific coast neighbor. The average temperature year around is about 78F. San Felipe is located in a unique eco-system, where the desert meets the sea. Therefore, temperatures have ranged from 115F in the shade during the summer months of July and August. In December and January, the temperature can drop to about 40F at night. These are the extremes, and most of the time you will find the weather very pleasant in San Felipe. The altitude of the Bay of San Felipe is 3 meters above sea level (or about 10 ft.). The population of San Felipe is estimated at 20,000 people. This number can increase by up to 5,000 depending on part-time residents (retirees & vacation home owners) or popular weekends such as Spring Break or Memorial Day.

Sand, Sea, Sun, and Palm Trees are a Great Investment!

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